Each IPF Fellowship panel must consist of 20 images arranged over two rows.  The images must sit together as a cohesive body of work and you must include a written statement of intent.
My written statement:
It  may seem a little odd, but I have always loved paper. 
As a child I would sit, scissors in hand and cut-out chains of people & free snowflakes from sheets of paper just to entertain myself.
When I started a 365 photography project back in 2011 it didn't take long to run out of things to photograph. Once again I turned to a blank sheet of white paper; this time to make something to use as a prop.
All these days later I'm still taking a photograph everyday. Making stuff from paper has become my “thing” and with my lights and camera I bring my imagination to each paper scene.
This panel of 20 images comes from my on-going photography project and represents a glimpse of how I imagine the night would look if the world was made of paper.
Catherine MacBride

Some of my shots that didn't make the panel

My Husband Scott MacBride also received his Fellowship in Photography on the same day, apparently an IPF first :) 
you can get a look at his very entertaining panel here
All paper props made & photographed by Catherine MacBride 

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